About Us

Thank you for caring about our environment! Don't Trash Arizona is a program implemented by the Maricopa Association of Governments, in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Transportation, to address the environmental, economic, safety, and health impacts of freeway litter along regional and state highways. The program is funded through Proposition 400, which was approved by voters in 2004. That funding encompasses litter pickup, sweeping, and landscape maintenance, as well as litter education and prevention. Don't Trash Arizona seeks to change attitudes, awareness, and most importantly, behavior, when it comes to roadway littering.

We hope that as you learn more about the impacts of litter in our region, you will take action by refraining from littering and helping us spread the word:

Don't Trash Arizona!

How to Help

The good news is that we can easily reduce the amount of freeway litter, with help from you! Easy solutions are to use a litterbag in your vehicle and simply refrain from tossing any item out your window, including cigarettes. Don’t keep trash in the bed of your pickup, and make sure vehicle loads are properly secured with tarps and tie downs.

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Report Litter

To report an accumulation of roadway litter that needs to be removed, contact Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) constituent services at 602-712-7355 or contact ADOT online. For other litter problems, such as illegal dumping, visit our resources page for the appropriate contact in your area.