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Love it. Don't Trash It.

Secure Your Load press conference Facebook Live event June 6, 2023 at 9:30am

Secure Your Load Day News Conference

Join us on Facebook live Tuesday, June 6 at 9:30 a.m. for a news conference to recognize Arizona Secure Your Load Day.

MAG, ADOT, and AZDPS will join forces to remind drivers it takes only a few minutes to properly tie down or cover a load. Hear Mesa Police Officer Sean Stoddard's powerful story of a near-death experience caused by an unsecured load and his message to other drivers.

Not Your Ashtray, Not Your Junkyard, Not Your Trash Can

We wouldn't trash our home. So why do we trash our roadways? Every year, more than 1 million pounds of litter is picked up from Valley freeways—that's just way too much! Arizona is our home. Let's show it a little less litter and a lot more love by bagging our trash and keeping vehicle loads safely secured.




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The Truth About Litter

It's just a few loose items, right? Actually, litter has an impact on everyone in Arizona. It not only costs us money to clean up, but it is unhealthy for us and the environment and causes serious accidents on our roads.

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See Someone Littering? Let us know.

Do your part to keep Arizona litter-free. Call ADOT's 511 hotline to report anyone tossing trash from their vehicle onto our roadways, or click the link below.

To report an accumulation of roadway litter that needs to be removed, contact the ADOT complaint line at 602-712-7355. For other litter problems, such as illegal dumping, visit our resources page for the appropriate contact in your area.

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Carry a Travel Trash Bag
  • A Little Something for the Road

    How can you help show Arizona some love?

    Request a FREE travel trash bag to keep with you in the car.*

  • *One travel trash bag per person, must be a resident of Arizona to be eligible.
    **Actual bag may differ from image displayed.